Our approach

Have you ever had an agency come back to you half-way through a critical project with bad news?

Haunt does things differently.

Agency Agile

We have built our reputation by consistently exceeding clients’ expectations.

Our desire to ensure the best possible outcome and experience for our clients has lead us to adopt Agency Agile, which is a delivery framework in use in many leading agencies around the world.

What is Agency Agile and why are we adopting it?

Scoping that provides clarity

Everybody wants projects to succeed. We treat our clients as part of a team built around this simple goal.

Key to the success of our projects is our roadmapping process. In this, we involve our clients in the design of their web product more deeply than many agencies do.

We work together to address any uncertainty before a single line of code gets written.

Timeline and budget overruns are common risks for web projects. At Haunt, our approach means there are no surprises, and clients know exactly what they are going to get. Our quotes are accurate and lean because we don’t need to account for the uncertainty that is the hallmark of most software projects.


Our approach to scoping means that we have a really clear project plan to deliver on. Our close partnership with our clients extends to the delivery phase, keeping you up to date with how things are going at each step along the way.

Beyond the project

Our up front, no-surprises approach extends beyond delivering individual projects.

We have built long-term, trusting relationships with our clients that mean we can have frank conversations with them about their broader digital goals.

Because we host many of the things we build, we consider the life-time cost and stability of our digital products.

Our clients are all different and we take the time to understand how and support them to succeed and grow.

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