Science Learning Hub

Case Study

The challenge

Cathy Buntting, a Director of the Science Learning Hub, and her team faced a significant challenge: They were running two websites that were ready to burst with thousands of teaching resources that had been added over a decade. The sites were visually and structurally outdated, and teachers were starting to find it difficult to identify the resources they needed.

A new website was critical to the ongoing success of the Science Learning Hub programme, which is a Government-funded initiative that connects the science and education sectors.

The Hub needed a partner that could deliver a platform that could evolve as teaching and technology changed, plus host thousands of items of content for teachers that they would really engage with.

“We needed an engaging, robust,  forward-looking site that would protect the significant investment by Government and by scientists and science organisations, and that would be loved by NZ teachers.”

Partnering with Haunt

“Haunt invested the time to really understand what we wanted to achieve and delivered a partnership-level relationship that ensured we could do it. Their experience with educational websites, deep technical knowledge and user-led approach enabled us to create a product of which we are incredibly proud.”

The new-look Science Learning Hub is one of New Zealand’s favourite online educational resources for teachers. It receives 1.5 million page views a month and is widely used among New Zealand schools. Research shows that teachers find the site useful and it increases their confidence teaching science.

Award-nominated excellence

The site was a finalist in the 2018 ITX Awards for Excellence in Education and continues to receive funding. Haunt’s on-going support and partnership means the site continues to evolve, ensuring it remains at the forefront of online education resources in New Zealand.

“Haunt has shown me how a genuine development partnership can bring an awesome result. We faced many challenges with this project and we wouldn’t have achieved the result without their expertise, commitment and teamwork.”