What we do

We develop world-class websites and web applications for clients we work with directly and also for a handful of design agency partners.

Our focus is on modern, proven technology delivered on time and budget. We provide pragmatic, sound advice that creates value for your business.

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Website building and maintenance

Our favourite Content Management Systems are Silverstripe and Drupal - two of the most popular CMSs in the world. We also build custom systems using Ruby on Rails.

Mobile and web apps

Haunt builds mobile apps for Android and iOS in React Native. React Native allows us to build fast and beautiful apps quickly, with a single shared code base.

Haunt builds fast and secure web applications - back-office systems, web APIs, and sophisticated Javascript front-ends for businesses and startups.

Hosting and support

We provide peace of mind through our professional managed hosting service backed by comprehensive Service Level Agreements and 24/7 support.

Our managed hosting can include a combination of:

  • Backups
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server-side updates
  • CMS updates and patching.

Sectors and clients

Haunt brings special knowledge and experience working with different clients working in wide range of sectors. In some cases we have developed a special knowledge, through experience, in these sectors.


Haunt is a member of the all of government Web Services Panel. We make it easy for clients wanting to build and deploy websites on the Common Web Platform (CWP).

Our General Manager, Tim Grubb, has years experience managing websites for central government agencies and understands the important place, and specific challenges, of these websites in the public service.

Education sector

We use our knowledge and experience building award-nominated websites and applications to deliver for our clients in the education sector.

We know the challenges and user needs of teachers and students alike, and we work with education institutions to deliver high quality websites for their audiences.

For more information, check out our Science Learning Hub case study.

Agency partners

Finding and maintaining a great development team is difficult.

We regularly partner with design and branding agencies, as well as other organisations, so that they can focus on the creative work and know that we will deliver a high quality web product true to their vision that their clients will love.

In some cases we lead a workstream to define the web solution with their client, and other times we work directly with agencies as a ‘white label’ solution.

In doing so, our partners are able to offer high quality, creative websites and apps, and have the confidence to deliver with no surprises.

An example of this is our collaboration with digital agency AQKA for the Coastguard NZ App.


When a startup receives funding to build an MVP, or to build a more significant product as they scale, we are there to provide the extra firepower they need to deliver without building and managing their own team.

From scoping and architecture, through development, deployment and scaling, we bring a no-nonsense approach to bootstrapping your online product or service.