Working with Haunt

Haunt works with our partners to develop excellent websites and software products on time and budget. 

Haunt gets things done

Website building and maintenance

Haunt builds and maintains websites across a wide range of website platforms. Most of our clients use Wordpress, Drupal or Silverstripe, but we pride ourselves in being 'platform agnostic'. Do you have a website in some obscure platform? That doesn't scare us. 

We will work with you to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to the building and operation of your website. We listen and then decide with you what to do, and place great importance on communication. 

We are great with websites that do complicated things. If you have a site that collects information, talks to other applications, or that you want to change significanty, you need our 'can do' web development skills. 


Haunt builds web apps in Android, iOS and React Native. We love React Native - it allows us to build apps in a single code base, which has so many benefits.

We work effectively with design agencies to manage costs and deliver an apps that look and function as they should.

Hosting and support

We provide a professional managed hosting service backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement and 24/7 support. We will host your website on our servers or can manage the hosting on a server you provide. 

Our managed hosting can include a combination of:

  • Backups

  • Monitoring

  • Disaster recovery

  • Server-side updates

  • CMS updates and patching

If your website is critical to your business then we will make sure that it is always online, performing, and backed up. Get in touch to find out more. 


Haunt is a member of the all of government Web Services Panel and we have developed and released websites on the Common Web Platform (CWP).